Residential and Homeschooling - UAE

Residential and Homeschooling - UAE

Home Schooling in the UAE, the Gulf, or anywhere in the world.

Carfax Private Tutors can provide exclusive home schooling or residential tuition wherever you are.

If you prefer a tutor who only works for your family, or you are not based in the UAE, or you would like a tutor to accompnay your children on travels abroad, our London agency can source the best tutor to come and reside or travel with you in any country of the world. Our tutors have tought everywhere, including many countires of the Gulf, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia; Alpine ski resorts and the Urals mines, Russian dachas and Kazakh steppes; Texan ranches and Scottish Highland estates; as well as aboard clients' yachts in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Many of our clients in Dubai and the UAE not requiring residential tuition, arrange home schooling with our existing Dubai tutors. This allows us to provide different tutors for different subjects, often at short notice.    

Dedicated tutors which specialise in the home schooling model may be particularly useful for:

  • Parents who would like their children to gain the advantage of fluency in a second-language with a native speaker, but would like them to remain at home.
  • Parents for whom an appropriate tutor is not available locally.
  • Parents who live in more remote locations without immediate transport links.

The enormous benefit of the residential model is that pupils are immersed in a supportive learning environment in which it is possible to cover substantial amounts of material in a relatively short amount of time. Residential tuition is an excellent way of helping children reach their potential very quickly, particularly with regards to language learning.

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