US School Entry Preparation

US School Entry Preparation

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The US is home to some of the most selective private day schools and boarding schools in the world. A world-class education at one of these leading institutions often enables graduates to pursue their undergraduate education at the nation’s most prestigious universities. With an ever-growing number of applicants for a limited number of seats, entry to these schools has become increasingly competitive.

Carfax has the unique advantage of being able to draw on the resources of the wider Carfax Education group, with access to world-class tutors, guardians and a range of teaching establishments. This allows the individual requirements of pupils and clients to be met, providing them with all the assistance they need.

Prep School

A good preparatory school provides a distinctive education, fosters independence and academic excellence, and prepares pupils to thrive in all demanding academic settings. New England currently serves as the home of the top boarding schools in the United States. In addition to having produced many notable alumni, Phillip’s Exeter Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall, Phillips Academy Andover, and Milton Academy are all noted for their prestige, strong academic programs, and success in preparing graduates to attend Ivy League universities.

Ivy Preparatory School League

Some of the oldest and best college preparatory schools in the United States are located in New York City. These include The Dalton School, Trinity School, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School, and Horace Mann School, which are all a part of The Ivy Preparatory School League. Admission into these independent private schools is highly competitive, and has also been the subject of continuous press coverage. For pupils who aspire to achieve entry to one of these selective institutions, Carfax consultants can arrange individual tuition with specialist tutors to supplement school-based study. Our consultants work closely with pupils and parents to ensure that children are placed in an environment which is ideally suited to their long-term goals.

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