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As many families enter the 3rd week of social isolation and distance learning, we understand that parents and children are still trying to find a way of making it all work.


Our UK based Carfax Education Consultant, Sophie Oakes, is reporting from the front line as she socially isolates with her 11 and 13 year old boys in rural Berkshire, whilst she also trying to hold down the day job!


Here Sophie shares the timetable of activities she has drawn up for her children to keep them occupied and learning, albeit in a rather different way and more homespun way. See below for Week 1!


Sophie’s advice is to make sure that there is some structure every day. She has created the timetable so that everyone knows what is happening next and is therefore avoiding the “what now” question. She starts each day by making sure the whole family are all up and about by 9am ready to do some exercise, and then has filled the days with a mixture of a activities designed to engage the boys in different ways. There is plenty of down time to read a book, play a game and to talk to friends, but by timetabling these activities she has found that she is not constantly fighting a battle with screen time.


Sophie has filled her timetable with fun and relevant activities which have a hidden educational purpose. She will be updating her timetable each week and including links to some of the activities she is planning with her children. She fully admits that most days do not run like clockwork but she feels much more in control of the situation when she knows there are things planned and the boys are loving having more time to do things with their mummy. Her advice is to give it a go and have some fun with your children in these ‘unprecedented times’.


Timetable, week 1:

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