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An Introduction to Mapping Your Territory:

Fiona recently took part in a Territory Mapping day and is delighted that this opportunity is now being extended across the globe as part of the first World Territory Mapping day on 14th May. All of our Carfax families are invited to join the pioneer of this technique by clicking the link here:

https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/international-territory- mapping-day-tickets-104064457594

In his blog, Anthony Willoughby, who will facilitate the workshop, gives us an insight into this fascinating visualising technique. Used naturally by nomadic and indigenous leaders around the world to make important decisions, Anthony believes that ‘mapping your territory’ is a crucial tool for students and parents alike, to gain clarity, focus, especially in uncertain times such as this.

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I have been promoting the importance of TRUST and learning from Nomads for decades and the original ideas for this have evolved over the last 35 years based on what I learnt on my various journeys and expeditions in Papua New Guinea, East Africa, Mongolia and China.

I have always been struck by the sense of belonging, recognition, trust, and clarity in the indigenous communities I have visited and what I discovered is, that unlike in modern life, everyone in an indigenous community 'knows their territory' and thus operates ‘off the same map’.

Indigenous leaders not only ‘know their territory’ but they have also the collective wisdom and historical trust and knowledge of their communities which enables them to make the correct inclusive decisions for everyone to adapt, adjust and thrive in their ever changing environments where correct decisions can make the difference between life and death. Regardless of the size of problem, they can be identified, simplified and solved collectively.

The importance of operating off the same map was illustrated by my conversation with Joe Nombri, a Papua New Guinea chief. When I asked him what was the most important ‘thing’ in his life, Joe immediately replied that it was ‘his Territory’. Joe then proceeded to draw a map of his ‘territory’ on which he then explained his culture, his duty and the different issues, opportunities and challenges his community faced and how they addressed each of them.

Based on what I have learnt from these leaders and communities and their ancestral wisdom, I developed an engaging, interactive, visualising methodology called Territory Mapping. This enables people of all ages to unlock the trust, clarity and courage that possibly remains under-utilised.

These insights can be extremely helpful in the current environment whether in a business or personal context, as our familiar ‘territory’ turns into a desert and our previously secure ‘routes to market’ are washed away in a deluge of uncertainty, we must adapt quickly and identify non-traditional ways to solve unprecedented problems and challenges. As you begin the journey into new, unfamiliar environments you will find it incredibly helpful if you have the clarity and insights provided by your own “TERRITORY MAP”. This practical methodology will enable you, regardless of your age, to adapt, thrive and map your way forward to greater success, now and long after this disruption is over. I am confident you will find this interactive session entertaining, enlightening and personally very useful at this time of uncertainty.

For more information on World Territory Mapping day, click below.

World Terriotory mapping daypdf



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