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Are you prepared for A Level Results

Tomorrow is 2021 A-level results day (10th August).

If you are eager to find out what happens on A-level results day, put your mind at ease with our top preparation tips:

1. When is A-level results day?

The 2021 A-level results day is Tuesday 10th August 2021.

This year's results day had originally been planned for Tuesday 24 August, but the date has been brought forward by just under two weeks to allow students time to appeal any results that may have affected their application for university.

2. Understand the process

Make sure you know how Results day works, and what might happen afterwards, depending on the grades you get. On the day, students are still able to collect their A-level results from schools and colleges any time after 8am on results day - when they're released by the exam boards.

UCAS receives your A-level results directly and will update Track accordingly - typically around 8am. As the system will be busy with students keen to find out if they've received offers, you'll need to be patient.

Click here to check the exam results that UCAS receives.

3. Preparation Checklist

Please keep the following items available on Results day:

  • UCAS login details

  • Fully charged mobile phone

  • Mask

  • Details of your conditional offers

  • School / College contact details

  • University contact details (from your conditional offer list)

  • A copy of your personal statement

Having the above items available on results day will prove useful, especially if your results are lower than expected and you plan to apply for a place through Clearing.

Please be mindful that COVID-19 social distancing measures may still be in place. Take a mask with you in case it's required to enter your School or College.

4. Talk to the school

Make sure you know what time your School or College is open and closed on Results day.

Call up in advance if there is any area of uncertainty – better to do it before results day, when the school is likely to be very busy. On the day, teaching staff should be on hand to support and guide you on the next steps

5. Don’t make plans for Results Day

As soon as the results are out, you may need to act quickly if:

- You need to contact the University or College about your offer

- You need to go through UCAS’ clearing

- You need to make arrangements for re-sits

Sometimes there’s a very narrow window for taking action, so make sure you spend the day somewhere with a reliable Wi-Fi or phone signal.

6. Next Steps - If you meet your offer

Firstly, congratulations on your achievements! Enjoy the day, and celebrate your results.

If you're holding at least one conditional place and you've met the requirements, the offer will change to 'unconditional' on UCAS.

When the firm acceptance is confirmed in UCAS Track, you'll then receive details on what you need to do next - either from Track, or directly from the university.

7. Next Steps - If you don't get the grades you need

Don't panic! There are a number of options available to you:

Appeal - If you missed your grades by a few marks, please talk to the University or College directly. You might be able to appeal, or they may be able to re-consider their decision.

Clearing - Alternatively, you could begin the clearing process. Click here to learn more.

Re-sits - If you feel you could have achieved better grades, Ofqual has announced that A-level retakes will be available in Autumn 2021, which means you can still take up a university place as planned. Alternatively, you can delay your entry for a year until you get your results.

Speak with our Education Consultants - If you need additional support, our Education Consultants are on hand to guide you in the right direction; please email

8. Tips for Parents - Become the voice of hope If your child is disappointed on results day, it doesn’t mean all is lost. They’ll still have options, including a good chance of finding a place through Clearing. Even so, it might be hard for them to stay positive – so be ready with a few choice words that offer a fresh perspective.


Our expert team of Education Consultants have many years of experience in guiding and supporting University applicants, pre and post results day. From Clearing to Re-sits, we can help you take the next steps on the Academic ladder.

Please give us a call today on +44 20 7927 6202, or email


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