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Education in Isolation:

Updated: Jun 24

As many families continue in social isolation and distance learning, we understand that parents and children are still trying to find a way of making it all work.

To listen to our webinar on structuring your summer, please click here.

Our UK based Carfax Education Consultant, Sophie Oakes, is reporting from the front line as she socially isolates with her 11 and 13 year old boys in rural Berkshire, whilst she also trying to hold down the day job!

Here Sophie shares the timetable of activities she has drawn up for her children to keep them occupied and learning, albeit in a rather different way and more homespun way. See below for Week 1!

Sophie’s advice is to make sure that there is some structure every day. She has created the timetable so that everyone knows what is happening next and is therefore avoiding the “what now” question. She starts each day by making sure the whole family are all up and about by 9am ready to do some exercise, and then has filled the days with a mixture of a activities designed to engage the boys in different ways. There is plenty of down time to read a book, play a game and to talk to friends, but by timetabling these activities she has found that she is not constantly fighting a battle with screen time.

Sophie has filled her timetable with fun and relevant activities which have a hidden educational purpose. She will be updating her timetable each week and including links to some of the activities she is planning with her children. She fully admits that most days do not run like clockwork but she feels much more in control of the situation when she knows there are things planned and the boys are loving having more time to do things with their mummy. Her advice is to give it a go and have some fun with your children in these ‘unprecedented times’.

To learn more about structuring your summer, read our blog posts here, and here.

Week 2:

During week 2 of lockdown, we are all beginning to settle in to the new routines and getting used to being both parent and teacher. Below, our Consultants and Heads of Tuition have given us their favorite new online discovery of the week, for you to try with your own children:

Fiona, our Head of Education, has started introducing cooking as an exciting new hobby in her household. She says her and her children have been watching top chef, Massimo Bottura's series of free posts and lessons on his Instagram. He has been teaching the world how to make delicious Italian dishes, and some top tips, including what to do with all the leftover Easter chocolate! Click HERE for his link

Our Director of Studies, Clare, has found that Coursera has been very helpful to families with slightly older children who are finding they have finished their e-learning quickly each day. Coursera offers free online courses in a variety of subjects. They can learn Animal Health, followed by Psychology, followed by Marketing! The possibilities are endless on Coursera. It's a great way to engage your children and invest in their education. Find out more here.

For all the family at the end of the day, the Principal of our College in Oxford, recommends Storyline Online. Storyline Online is an online library full of children's books read by celebrities, with engaging, colourful illustrations to watch as you listen. These short, 15 minute videos can be the perfect break in the middle of your child's day, a goodnight story, or even something to listen to over dinner! These readings will ensure your child remains calm and focused during E-Learning. Find out more here.

For the budding scientists among us, British Science week has landed and brought with it lots of entertaining, educational, at-home experiments. Our tutors have recently tried some of the experiments and noted how fun they were, from building your own Antarctic Research station, to making a bath bomb! The resource packs are free online and feature all the technical information behind each experiment, so you can ensure your children are learning whilst having fun! Find the resource packs here, and here.

Use these resources to structure your weekdays at home with your children, and ensure their education remains a constant in this uncertain time.

If your children are falling behind, struggling with E-Learning, or miss the structure of a school day, Carfax offers homeschooling and online tuition in all subjects. Call us now on +97144385276 for more information.

Week 3:

As lockdown continues and E-Learning becomes the norm, we will continue to share useful resources on here, so that you can structure your time with your children to optimize their education. Although education is very important during isolation, it's crucial to remember that many children are confused and slightly bored of being inside all day. You should try to find activities that spark both education and enjoyment in your children, and this week we have found activities that will help lead you in this direction.

Virtual tours are a great way to engage your children and share a fun afternoon with them. You can visit the wonders of the world and learn all about them as you sit in the comfort of your living room! View a stunning helicopter view of the Sydney Opera House here, or visit the Tower of London here. This is a great addition to your Geography lessons and there are plenty of iconic sites for you to visit!

The British Museum have teamed up with Google Arts and Culture to create a new online exhibition: Harry Potter: A History of Magic! This is a fantastic exhibition for all the Potterheads out there, it's informative enough to be educational and interesting for all ages, and entertaining enough to keep even the youngest wizards hooked! Watch and walk through the exhibition here.

For the younger ones, Learning in Lockdown is a great, resourceful website. The website features suggested timetables, blog posts from fellow parents, themed activities, and more! The website gives plenty of innovative and exciting ideas for your to try with your little ones, our personal favourites are the treasure hunt and the superhero masks. Find out more here.

TED-Ed is always a helpful resource when it comes to needing to inject educational teachings into your child's day. TED-Ed have short videos on YouTube educational topics, riddles, challenges and lessons. These are the perfect amount of time to keep your child's attention span and ensure that they are learning through the colorful and charming animations. Check out their YouTube channel here.

Carfax Education are on hand for all your tuition and homeschooling needs. To Find out more about our tutors, call us on +97144385276.

Week 4:

As we enter week 4 of online schooling, some parents are embracing it wholeheartedly whilst others are struggling to juggle the demands of working from home with trying to get their children to settle to a new way of learning. Carfax are providing you with several handy resources to ensure your child is balancing education and fun in this unprecedented time.

One of the resources we have been enjoying recently is The Wonder Podcast on Spotify. The podcast aims to teach curious children weird and wonderful facts. From Buzz Aldrin's nickname, to the most dangerous carnivorous plants, there is something for every child in this podcast. The episodes are only 10 minutes, so you can listen to them together and then discuss what they have learnt. This is a nice, easy way to inject some history into their day without it being too much for them. Listen here.

Time Out are offering a reduced Interior Design course online, with the International Open Academy. You can do an Interior Design course specifically for a child's room for only £19! With the skills you need, you and your child can redesign their room and maybe even create some original artwork to hang (Learning in Lockdown has some good resources for this). If you're not ready for a full makeover, you can always rearrange your living room with your child, following the International Open Academy advice, and achieve feng shui! Find out more about the course here.

Although many children have lost valuable time at the end of their school year, this time off can be used for revision and cementing their pre-learned knowledge. You can help with this by creating mini tests for them or asking them to explain topics to you. You could steer them towards Seneca too, which has a large bank of resources and lessons for all age groups! Find out more here.

Looking for a fun afternoon activity for you and your family? Try virtual museum tours! The Natural History Museum have created a virtual walkthrough of the whole museum, including a tour guide in the form of David Attenborough! You and your children can walk through the plains of Africa, explore the Neanderthals and get up close to a Blue Whale! Get the popcorn ready and explore the museum here.

Carfax Education are on hand for all your tuition and homeschooling needs. To find out more about our tutors, call us on +97144385276 or email enquiries.uae@carfax-education.com



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