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Still thinking about applying to University for 2020?

Updated: Jan 14

With the UCAS application clock ticking, it may seem overwhelming and pointless to apply at this point, but we are here to tell you it is still possible to apply and here, we give you a few pointers to help get your personal statement written and submitted before the deadline of 15th January.

UCAS applications are arguably one of the most daunting aspects of your final year at school and ideally require time and diligence. However, the deadline often races in and surprises even the most prepared of students. Below we have a quick guide to help anyone starting their personal statement today and anyone needing to check their statement is suitable. Good luck!

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Top Tips for a Personal Statement:

1. You want to grab the application officer and hold their attention, so ensure your start is snappy and interesting!

2. We find it helps to start with a mind map summarising the reasons why you want to study your chosen course. Think about questions such as: is it something you have always loved? Is it a new passion you want to pursue? Is it an inspiration from media? You really have to sell what it is to you that appeals about the course, be personal!

3. Don’t fall into the trap of using some corny quotes from Oscar Wilde about the meaning of life! The admissions officer has almost certainly heard it all before and will probably switch off once seeing this in your work. They want to hear from you not from a famous playwright!

4. Demonstrate what you have done in the past that highlights your passion and desire for your chosen subject. Did you take part in a relevant club? Did you attend a summer school that contributes to the subject? Have you read any literature that sparked a passion in you? Most importantly, put your own opinions down! These opinions and facts will make you stand out from the other applicants, so ensure these are prominent in your Personal Statement.

5. The key point to a good personal statement is balance between academia and extra curricular, if you only focus on one, you are unlikely to appear to the Universities as an interesting candidate. Try for an 80/20 split between academics and relevant extra curricular.

6. Avoid stock phrases, clichés and waffle. On first draft, some of these will creep in, but once you edit, try to remove as many of these as possible. With only 4,000 characters spaces to play with you need to prioritise content and make every word count.

7. Finally, never, ever plagiarise. UCAS has a fraud detection system and will identify any instances of plagiarism, even amongst you and your friends, so you cannot just copy and paste Personal statements amongst yourselves, this can result in your application being rejected.

Remember to check, check and check your grammar, spelling and structure several times!

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