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The big transition to IB

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

There are lots of rumours surrounding how difficult the IB Diploma is and if you are about to embark on this programme don’t feel overwhelmed or nervous. Clare, our Academic Registrar has compiled some helpful tips to help you stay ahead of the game and make the most out of this new and exciting stage of your educational journey.

1. Time management is key

It is time to get organised! It's not uncommon to hear IB students say they have to choose between work, sleep or socialising, but it is not impossible to have it all. You just need to organise your time. I cannot stress this enough!

• Get prepared! Start taking notes early to make revision easy- there will be no time to make notes just before the exam.

• Don’t underestimate how quickly time will fly- start thinking about topics for your presentations and EE before the teacher tells you to.

• Make a study schedule – and stick to it!

• Know your deadlines and plan your time accordingly. That way you avoid any last-minute panic.

• Do a little every day – bite-size chunks of work are easier to digest and deadlines can be overwhelming when they come all at once.

• Get your EE and CAS done as early as possible- without compromising quality.

2. Make use of resources

Whatever you are working on, there are resources available to you and they are there for a reason so make the most of them.

• Talk to your teachers, ask them for help and advice if you need it- that is what they are there for.

• Stay up to date with the news, blogs and world economics if they are related to the subjects you are taking- That way you can collect empirical support for essays and presentations and deepen your understanding.

• Use the subject syllabus as a guide to stay on top of what you need to know for each course.

• Use the IB website to make sure you know what the assessors are looking for- Checking your work against grading criteria’s ensures you get as many points as possible.

• Make the most of your classes

• Keep a note of key term definitions- you may need these later

• Use QuestionBank to view past papers and questions – your teacher should be able to help you with this.

3. Enjoy it!

This is an exciting time and a wonderful opportunity to set you in good stead for the start of higher education. But these are also your last years at school and you should enjoy them. Here are some top tips keep IB misery at bay.

• Pick subjects and topics you are passionate about- It will reflect in your work.

• Remember there is always help when school stress gets too much.

Take time for yourself- You are more productive when you are relaxed and happy.

• If it all feels too much, just remind yourself that everyone feels like that, and just keep going.

• Remember its mind over matter - It’s not so much hard work, just a lot of work.

All the best of luck on starting the IB, just get organised, make use of your resources, and find the enjoyment in it, and you are bound to do well. Carfax’s IB tutors are ready to assist you with any support you need for all subjects- from breaking down tough topics to proofreading EEs.

For more information on Tuition, contact Clare, our Academic Registrar, for more information on how we can help and arrange a schedule that suits your needs.

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