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Carfax Consultants Visit Dulwich College

Established in 1619, Dulwich College is an established independent boys’ school, situated in south London. With a distinguished tradition of inspired teaching and genuine scholarship, Dulwich pupils have gone onto the most prestigious Universities, across the world. In fact, the school has a long-standing reputation for producing fine actors, musicians, sportsmen and writers. Last week, Carfax Consultants had the opportunity to visit the school and catch up with the Head of Boarding, Ben Pelly.

Fiona McKenzie reflects on the visit, "It was a wonderful day meeting the exceptional teachers and leadership team at Dulwich College. As we explored the corridors, we watched rehearsals in the concert halls, and saw the boundless creativity emanating from current pupils, in the art school. We also had the opportunity to tour the boarding accommodation for the Seniors and Juniors, guided by their current boarders, giving an insight into their daily routines and their overall experience." Dulwich College has an excellent reputation that extends far beyond its strong performance in GCSE's and A Level's. We applaud the school in its commitment to learning and creativity, and their outstanding facilities that equips students for the modern world. Many thanks for the invitation, and we look forward to our next visit.


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