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Future-proof your grades: The power of early exam preparation

Updated: May 27

One of the most valuable assets when it comes to exam preparation is time. Even though exams may seem distant, initiating your revision and exam preparation sooner rather than later offers numerous benefits.  Carfax Tutors has observed first-hand the positive impact of early preparation; our pupils not only experience reduced stress levels, but also achieve better results and grades. 

What's more, one such study [1] found that those who spaced out their revision, scored higher on average (74%), than students who crammed their revision (49%). 

“The advantage of early exam preparation is undeniable. It sets the foundation of success and alleviates unnecessary stress.” - Angus Gibson, Head of Carfax Tutors.

early exam preparation of  student

The advantage of early exam preparation

1. Spacing improves memory 

The concept of ‘spacing’ involves distributing study sessions across a long period of time, rather than consolidating them into a single prolonged session. This strategy can prove to be more advantageous for long-term memory, and has been labelled as “one of the most robust across the entire history of experimental research on learning and memory.” [2]

The intervals between study sessions provide students with the opportunity to partially forget and then reacquaint themselves with the information, thereby reinforcing long-term memory retention. 

2. Stress reduction By spreading out the revision process over time, learners can reduce stress associated with last-minute revision, and build confidence in their knowledge. Knowing that you’ve put in maximum effort and thoroughly revised the subject can significantly alleviate exam anxiety.

3. Enhanced understanding Early revision establishes the groundwork for comprehension and retention. Not only will pupils have time to develop a thorough understanding, they will also be able to build a robust foundation for exam success. Additionally, extra time allows the flexibility to revisit complex topics, and facilitates additional support i.e. private tuition, in specific subjects or exam-related skills.  4. Exam practice Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it can certainly help when it comes to being prepared. Early preparation allows extra time to complete practice papers from previous years and get used to timed conditions. In turn, this will help build exam confidence, to perform to the best of their ability. 

5. Time Management Early preparation helps you develop effective time management skills. Pupils can create an effective study schedule to allocate sufficient time to each subject, and ensure all material is covered without feeling rushed.Carfax Education is here to support you / your child in the run-up to exams. From bespoke one-to-one tutoring to study skills programmes, our team of expert tutors are here to support you / your child at every stage of exam preparation. To learn more about Carfax Tutors and our services, please click here to contact us. References:  [1]


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