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HR Breakfast Briefing with Carfax Consultants

Last week, Carfax Education hosted an HR Breakfast Briefing in Dubai - an opportunity to collaborate with leading Human Resource and Talent Acquisition professionals, to discuss the current education landscape in the UAE.

The briefing also presented a unique roundtable discussion, to allow our guests to share their experiences, and ask any questions to our Head of Education, Fiona McKenzie. Fiona reflects on the event, "It was great to share our insights into the dynamic UAE education landscape with key figures in HR and talent management. We discussed how finding the right schools for each family is critical to ensuring a smooth and successful transition to a new job in a new country."

If you are an HR or Talent Acquisition professional, and would like to learn more about the Education landscape and how we can help your employees during relocation and transitional periods, please click here.

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