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Plans for Results Day….

The corona pandemic has caused disruption in many areas of life but for those who were due to take major exams this year, there is increased stress as they wait for the results of the exams they never took. With controversy running high about how grades have been calculated, Fiona McKenzie, Head of Carfax Education, gives a step by step guide as to how to plan for and react on results day.

1. Preparing for Results

Students need to check how they are receiving their results - most schools will notify their pupils by email or will have provided a log in to check a portal for results. Sadly, there will be no clustering at the school gates to collect and celebrate results this year. Remember - the results are embargoed for students until 6am UK time on Thursday 13th August.

2. University offers

Most results will be sent through directly to UCAS and the chosen universities. Privately entered candidates will need to submit the grades to universities themselves. Universities may need to contact offer holders so make sure all contact details are up to date in TRACK.

3. Be available on the day

If the results match the conditional offer from the firm choice university then students will automatically be accepted onto the course. If they do not meet these requirements then students will need to contact the universities to talk through their options.

What are the options?

Met the Predictions

Automatic acceptance onto the Firm choice offer.

Exceeded Predictions

Students are eligible to enter Adjustment and apply to courses with higher entry criteria. Check out the Adjustment site on UCAS to see what is available.

Just missed the grades

In this situation we would advise the student to call the university immediately and ask if they will still be considered for a place. Have the UCAS ID number to hand as well.


If the results are not as expected, then students need to work with the school to see if they should appeal the results. They need to let the university know they are appealing the grades so they can delay withdrawing the offer.

Exam results not what you expected? Our expert consultants can give you impartial advice on your options. Contact us at +971 4 438 5276 or at

Insurance Offer

If the grades were not sufficient for the Firm Choice offer and this university withdraws their offer, then students will automatically default to the Insurance offer. If this is the case it will be reflected in TRACK. Students need to confirm with their Insurance offer university that they are accepting the place.


If results are below expectations, there is no need to despair. There are still lots of great opportunities out there through Clearing. There are over 4,000 places available at Russell Group universities alone! Last year 1 in 10 students got a place through Clearing. We would advise students to check out what is available and be well prepared for any eventuality on the day. For more advice on Clearing, see article here


For students who are unhappy with the grades they have been given there will be a chance to take the exams this Autumn.

Need help with working through your options? Contact Carfax for expert advice on +971 4 438 5276 or at


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