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The Oxbridge Interview: What To Expect

Any time now, applicants will be receiving an email from their chosen or allocated Oxbridge college, hopefully asking them to interview. To help you best prepare for the day itself, here are some tips from our Oxbridge Consultant, an Oxford University fellow herself.

Interview Schedule

Oxford University disseminates a timetable for interviews - please click on the link below to view: Cambridge is a bit more mysterious, but expect to have your first interview take place within the first couple of weeks in December.

You should receive at least a week’s notice before your first interview, giving you time to ensure you have the technical set up required, and to make sure you have brushed up on any reading or topics specifically mentioned in your Personal Statement. What to wear? The days of suiting up for interview are gone: don’t dress down too much, but ensure you will be comfortable physically and feeling like yourself. Arrive Early Make sure you are ready to join the meeting with time to spare ahead of the appointment, in case of any technical issues. Keep your personal statement to hand, plus a pen/pencil and paper.

Remain Calm & Focused Try to stay calm and focused whatever you are asked. The interviewers want to give you every chance to be your best and show why you should be offered a place at their college and on their course. Enjoy the opportunity to discuss your subject with world experts.

And always remember that being good enough to apply to Oxbridge, let alone getting to interview, is an amazing achievement. Feel proud of yourself whatever transpires.


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