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Winter Learning with Carfax Tutors UAE

Updated: Jun 21

The winter break offers families an excellent chance to relax and recharge from their busy school schedules. While some may choose to travel, others look for engaging activities to keep their children learning and entertained.

January marks a busy period with mock exams, assignment deadlines, and upcoming 2024 university applications. Make the most of the big break to proactively prepare your children for their studies, and ensure they start term 2 fully equipped and ready.

Winter Learning Programme with Carfax Tutors UAE 11-29 December 2023

From the 11th - 29th December 2023 , Carfax Tutors UAE will be running a range of learning activities that caters to learners of all ages and proficiency levels, aimed to bridge educational gaps and provide comprehensive support during the winter break. Available online or in-person at our Tuition Centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: - Study skills sessions - Winter revision - Creative learning - English language sessions For more information, please email


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