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Math Tutors in Abu Dhabi

  • Carfax Tutors have been teaching in Abu Dhabi since 2015. 

  • Most of our tutors teaching in Abu Dhabi are brought from the UK and US specifically to work as tutors in Abu Dhabi.

  • ​Our tutors are selected and trained by Carfax to the same exacting standards as tutors in London and Oxford.


We offer our programmes as individual tuition at our tutorial centre, at pupils' homes throughout Abu Dhabi, and online. Small tutorial groups are also available during term-time and as holiday revision courses for a more focused learning experience.

Unlock a new realm of academic achievement with Carfax Tutors UAE in Abu Dhabi

Our tutors' expertise in the subject matter is further enhanced by the continuous support of our Directors of Studies, who are based either in Abu Dhabi or at our renowned school in Oxford, Carfax College. 

Our tutors monitor each pupil's programme, keep track of their individual progress, provide regular reports, and are always available to discuss these matters with the pupils, their parents, or their school teachers.

Some of the leading schools in Abu Dhabi regularly recommend Carfax Tutors as the most professional provider of supplementary academic support in the UAE.

IGCSE Mathematics

Specialising in the IGCSE Maths curriculum, our tutors address core areas such as numbers, algebra, geometry, and statistics. We deliver focused guidance tailored to help you excel in either the core or extended paper.

IB MYP Mathematics

Our well-versed tutors guide you through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) in Mathematics. The curriculum concentrates on foundational skills in areas like numbers, algebra, and geometry, preparing you for diverse assessments.

SAT Maths

Our SAT Maths tutors develop your problem-solving abilities by covering essential topics like algebra, geometry, and data analysis, ensuring you are well-prepared for the test.

SSAT Mathematics

Our SSAT Maths tutoring targets proficiency in fundamental topics like basic algebra, arithmetic, and geometry to help you excel in the Secondary School Admission Test.

A level Mathematics

Our tutors break down complex subjects such as calculus, sequences, and vectors to make A level Maths accessible, providing in-depth, tailored instruction.

A level Further Mathematics

Our tutors offer extensive support in A level Further Maths, addressing advanced topics including complex numbers, matrices, and differential equations.

IB HL Mathematics

With specialisation in High-Level Mathematics in the IB programme, our tutors handle advanced topics like calculus, discrete mathematics, and linear algebra to set you up for academic success.

The IB HL Mathematics course also offers Analysis and Approaches for students interested in abstract theory, and Applications and Interpretation for those leaning towards applied mathematics.

IB SL Mathematics

Focusing on the Standard-Level Maths in the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme, our tutors cover key real-world applications of areas such as geometry, trigonometry, and statistical analysis.

The IB SL Mathematics course offers two pathways: Analysis and Approaches, which is more theory-focused, and Applications and Interpretation, which leans towards practical application.

ACT Maths

Our ACT Maths tutoring encapsulates the full exam scope, focusing on functions, geometry, and basic calculus, with a tailored approach designed to secure high scores.

AP Calculus

Whether you are in AP Calculus AB or BC, our tutors navigate you through the college-level curriculum, offering expertise to help you master the course.

GMAT Mathematics

Specialising in GMAT Maths, our tutors cover key areas like quantitative reasoning and data interpretation, positioning you for success in your business school endeavours.

GRE Mathematics

Planning for postgraduate studies? Our GRE Maths tutoring zeroes in on quantitative reasoning, data interpretation, and problem-solving skills, preparing you for graduate school examinations.

Our Services

Carfax tutors teach mathematics in Abu Dhabi according to the following syllabuses:

Contact Carfax Tutors UAE today to discover our tailored range of tutoring services and elevate your academic journey with the best mathematics tuition Abu Dhabi has to offer.

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