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Choosing the right 6th form subjects

Updated: 3 days ago

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For many students coming to the end of Grade 10 or Year 11, they have the exciting prospect of starting their final two years of education. Finally they get to study subjects they have chosen for themselves, that they have a genuine interest in and that will lead them onto the next stage of their education. But how can you be sure that the subjects selected are going to be the right ones to secure the all important ‘boarding pass’ for the next part of the journey?

The goal for many students is to secure a place at a top university. In order to fulfill this goal, it is important to project ahead and start researching Universities and courses ahead of making your key subject choices.

Taking a student profiling assessment can be really helpful at this point, particularly if you are not sure what you may want to study at University. This online assessment is interest based and takes into account what you are already studying, your personality and your key interests. The report generated will then identify degree programmes that match your interest levels and your overall suitability to study a particular course and it also helps to identify the different universities that offer the courses. So in one easy step you can go from being overwhelmed with 50,000 degree programmes at over 400 Universities and colleges to maybe six potential degree subjects which are identifed as being a good fit and a targeted list of universities to research.

The debrief session with an experienced Higher Education counsellor is a valuable opportunity to talk through the options and explore them in more detail. It gives the student a direction with specific paths to research in more detail. And this then helps a student to decide which subject choices will provide the best combination to access the courses identified.

For further information about our student profiling services please click here to contact us.

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