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The benefits of an international education

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Working with families relocating to the UAE, one of the questions I am most regularly asked is “Are the schools here as good as at home…?” and my answer is a resounding “Yes!” There are some great schools out here which offer children a wide array of opportunities to excel academically, to explore their creativity and to make a wide circle of new international friends. Not only can the schools here match up to those in other countries but there are also some long term benefits for children educated in an international environment which will give them an advantage in today’s increasingly globalized world.

I think that parents can feel reassured by the following:

A Global Outlook

Walk into any international school in the UAE and it is not uncommon to find out that they have over hundred different nationalities on their roll. This means that children grow up being familiar with so many other cultures and languages, making friends from all over the world and acquiring a cultural sensitivity that will be invaluable as they grow up and and move around the globe.


In the UAE there are over 17 different curriculums on offer, so there is probably more choice here for families than in many home countries. Whether you are looking for IB, A Levels, US High School Diploma or the French, German or even a bilingual curriculum, there is something for everyone. With so many schools to chose from you can take into consideration location, facilities and after school activities when choosing the best fit school for your child.

Globally Recognized Qualifications

One of the exciting aspects of studying in the UAE is that students are encouraged to think ‘360’ about their university choices, whether that be the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Australia. The plus point about the international schools in the UAE is that the schools offer exams that are globally recognised for University entry. The most popular choice in the UAE is still the British Curriculum with GCSE’s and A Levels but IB is also a strong contender recognised by Universities and employers alike.


With so many schools that have been built in the last 10 years, many schools in the UAE have the latest in technology, and the most modern facilities in terms of sport, performing arts spaces, science labs and wired up classrooms. This gives children unprecedented opportunities to experience learning in states of the art facilities.

For many teachers working in an international school is now seen as an important part of their career development. This means the UAE attracts some of the most talented and ambitious young teachers who are keen to work with children who want to learn and in an environment that gives them access to top facilities

Confident Children

Research shows that children who have been educated in an international environment have better soft skills and are more creative and independent learners. Studying in an international environment means that students have to be flexible and adaptable and learn to make friends across a diverse cultural group.

So parents educating their children in the UAE can be confident in the many benefits of their children learning in an international school, as it can definitely give students an edge when it comes to university and job applications and being part of a global community.

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