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What to do if you don’t get into Oxbridge (it’s not the end of the world!)

The competition surrounding entry to Oxbridge is fierce. Therefore, it is no surprise that many a student is left disappointed when they are rejected following the interview stage. In fact, in 2017, you had only a 22.2% chance of being offered a place at Oxbridge, with 37,127 applicants and only 8256 offers, of which only 6767 were accepted. In 2018, this figure rose to 24.6%, a figure still not incredibly large compared to universities such as UCL who boast a 53% offer rate.

As these figures highlight, competition surrounding Oxbridge is tough, but losing a place is by no means the end of the world. Here we’ve put together a few things to consider following an Oxbridge rejection:

1.) Take a deep breath and reflect on the positives: Often when we receive any form of rejection, we instantly only see the negatives. Getting a rejection from Oxbridge, although disheartening and troubling, is not always a bad thing. You clearly have excellent grades in order to get to the interview stage and you can use these to continue university applications to some of the top universities in the world. Be proud of your achievement and know this isn’t the end, just a new direction.

For help deciding which direction you would like to take, contact Carfax Education at enquiries.ae@carfax-education.com or call us on +971 4 438 5276.

2.) Ask for feedback: Oxbridge is required to give out feedback at this stage. Request some specific data. For example, ask for your admissions test score, and ask what mark successful applicants received so you can make a comparison. Feedback can be requested from the college you applied to also.

3.) Consider your other options: You almost certainly have a strong academic record, and many amazing university choices await you. Although Oxbridge are widely regarded as the best two universities in the UK, they are not the only good universities. Any Russell Group University in the UK looks fantastic on a CV, and if England no longer floats your boat, you can look further afield at America, Europe or further!

Russell Group Universities, such as The University of Birmingham, are prolific institutions which are excellent backups for Oxbridge hopefuls!

4.) Keep Oxbridge in mind for your academic future: Whether this is through reapplying the following year or for postgraduate study, the Oxbridge road is not closed to you! If you are definitely decided that you are doing your undergraduate degree in Oxbridge, then take a year off; do summer schools, work experience and generally strengthen your CV. It is worthwhile also contacting a consultancy team in order to get a second opinion on your application.

Carfax Consultants can help push your application to be its best, examining your extracurricular, offering interview preparation and reading applications. Often, it is quite awkward to write a CV in which we praise ourselves, so it is a good idea to allow someone else to read through it and make sure you are not missing anything!

Call Carfax Consulatants now on +971 4 438 5276, or visit www.carfax-education.ae

5.) You can always do a postgraduate at Oxbridge: Just because you didn’t get into Oxbridge this time, doesn’t mean the chance has gone forever. Carfax Consultants are trained to ensure your postgraduate applications are at the highest standard they can be. Consider setting your sights on Oxford or Cambridge for a postgraduate degree, be it a Masters, Doctorate or second degree!

Good Luck with any future applications and remember, a rejection from Oxbridge is not the end of the world!



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